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The International 2015


and the winners of The International 2015 are….. Team Evil Geniuses!

After a long period of constant pressure Evil Geniuses proved that both their focus and skill where on top during so many games. They achieved what is the biggest thing to achieve in Dota 2 and maybe even eSports, they actually won TI 5 and collected a first prize of $6,6 million dollars. Not bad at all! However, they did not do it alone. eSports fans all over the world followed EG on their journey to the final and gladly celebrated with them as they held up the trophy (also known as the Aegis of Champions).


The Aegis of Champions

Unfortunally the celebration directly after the final was won was not that big. Understandingly the players in team EG where super tired after keeping their focus up for so many days and so many games, performing at their top level. Few mistakes where made during the tournament and we can only congratulate the team for proving that they currently are the best in the world.

This victory was also a big win for the western worlds Dota 2 and eSport scene as bookmakers predicted that Team Secret would win the tournament, but they went out early. After that everyone where then expecting a chinese team to win, but EG proved them so wrong! The esports bookies where not all that wrong as the runner up, CDEC, which EG lost to in the winner bracket finals finished at 2nd place, collecting a nice $2.8 million dollars.

Congratulations to UNiVeRsE, Aui_2000, ppd, Fear, SumaiL!