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Meet the new hero Winter Wyvern


Some breath fire, I breath ice.

Maybe winter is coming to an end, but Winter Wyvern in Dota will be cool forever.

In order to familiarize yourself with the new hero of the game we have we have provided a short guide.

Winter Wyvern is usually played as a support hero and is very useful against teams or heroes with strong physical damage output since his third spell “Cold Embrace” heals an ally over a short amount of time and also makes the hero invulnerable to physical damage. His ultimate “Winter’s Curse” is also good versus high output physical damage dealers as it forces all nearby allies to autoattack on the targeted hero.

Winter Wyvern also has a spell (Arctic Burn) that gives him super long range for a period of time, matched with a good slow effect. This spell together with his second spell “Splinter Blast” which sends a ball of ice into a target (dealing no damage to it), but splits into multiple blasts which hits nearby units and heroes and deal a significantly amount of damage) makes the hero a good ganker/team fighter.

Try the new hero out and hopefully¬†Winter Wyvern will become one of your favorite heroes. For more information about the hero, visit¬†gamepedia’s dota2 wiki


Auroth, the Winter Wyvern